Believe in love

Destiny and fate have a different story to tell , our dreams might collide with fate and at the same time dreams might not correspond with destiny but neither less humanity has never failed to love thousands of years love has proved that it doesn’t exist people then started to imagine it true but some still hope that there is true love .for those who don’t believe I don’t force, I don’t know much about love . I am not the best but at least I continued dream I dream .

By Golooba Hassan

What struck my heart

Then love struck my heart

And the bars of loneliness I broke.

To the world I didn’t know giving yes but not no

To were it took me who knew

Although , happy in this world so new

Down I wrote the poems of the feelings that made me crazy.

A million liked and athuosand criticized

But my heart moved a little smoother

The blood flowed faster

And the mind was stuck in your face

Then I discovered it was love

Eating my heart like a virus

And wondering my body like cells

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Poem of a view on love


Am afraid to love

Scared of the feeling above.

Scared to be close to love

Am scared of the feeling

The feeling that brings joy

And at the same time that destroy

My heart I can never employ

To love ,

The evil in the world

It’s true it can change the world.

But to happiness and agony

It’s the sorrow’s wagon

And a destroying dragon

Represented by red

To show blood and danger

Loving a stranger to break your heart

Am scared to love

By. Golooba Hassan

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Seven tricks to make her fall for you

Love is a strange feeling ,a study showed that seventy percent of people , men fall in love faster than women so I have tried to give you tricks some tricks to make her fall for you.

1. Listen to her.

Women like men who listen to them ,if you want a woman to fall for you make sure you listen and care about what they say .

2. Put her first.

A woman wants some one who cares about her and by putting her first would show how you care about her .

3. Compliment her looks

Complimenting her is a simple thing this shows that their is something you see beautiful about her , women love to beautiful.

4. Support her decisions.

Like you her decisions and dreams are important to her supporting her dreams and decisions make her feel protected with you

5. Accept her as she is

If you love a girl accept her as she is , true love is about loving the heart not the appearance If you don’t love someone the way she is then it’s better to live her

6. Give her attention

It’s a better way to show care by attention to someone

7 Tell her how much you love her.

Don’t forget to tell her or remind her how much you love her

By Golooba Hassan.

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3 love notes to send to her

Along distance relationship is something very difficult . Sometimes it is pretty hard for people to be in along relationship that’s why a person should show much love so, that’s why I have got for you these three love notes

1. Lying next to you or three hundred miles away I am yours just the same

2. In true love the smallest distance is too great and it can be bridged

2. For ever second and every day You are away I know will all be earth it some day

By Golooba Hassan . subscribe to my you tube channel Golooba Hassan

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